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The Lone Star State is a hub for the business community. If you are a business owner in Texas, you are among the 2.6 million business founders in the state. Small businesses are the heart of the Texas economy, employing more than 4.7 million employees. 

While the State of Texas supports businesses in a huge way, business owners have to play their part in protecting themselves against various perils. Unfortunately, threats are never far from companies, ranging from theft, vandalism, fire, legal claims, and other risks. The good news is you can safeguard your venture by securing business insurance from Church Street Financial Services.

Why should I invest in commercial insurance?

Business owners wish that they lived in a perfect world. But because a utopian world doesn’t exist in the business environment, investment in commercial insurance is a worthwhile pursuit. Commercial insurance covers your business in the following areas:

  • Liability coverage: Commercial insurance protects you against advertisement injury, bodily injury, and property damage for losses caused to third parties. Commercial insurance pays for the medical costs and liability damages for claims you are deemed liable.
  • Asset protection: Your business owns several assets to ensure the smooth running of operations. Ranging from commercial buildings, inventory, computer equipment to furniture, you have valuable assets that need protection from various perils.
  • Employee protection: Your employees are your most prized assets. That said, it’s a no-brainer to protect them from work-related injuries. Workers’ comp insurance achieves exactly that. It pays for medical expenses, partial loss of income, and even funeral expenses following work-related injuries.
  • Cyber protection: If your business trades online or stores sensitive customer data, you are susceptible to malicious online attacks. Cyberattacks cause significant damages to businesses, including data breaches. Cyber insurance pays for government penalties, notification costs, legal costs, and other financial obligations emanating from cyberattacks.

Would you like to protect your Texas business with commercial insurance? Contact Church Street Financial Services for an affordable quote.