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Health insurance can be a complicated topic in the US. However, at Church Street Financial Services, we ensure that we dissect health insurance to its basics for better understanding. From there, we take our clients through various health insurance plans and help them buy plans that offer optimal benefits.

We can help you find and obtain the health insurance you need. While many employers now offer health insurance, yours may not. You also might work as an independent contractor, leaving your insurance to you. We offer a full selection of policy types for you, so you can know you’re covered.

We offer both standard policies and Medicare options. While the state does not have mandated health insurance requirements, the U.S. government does. Therefore, we can consult with you on the many health plans available when you visit our offices. Since the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, electing coverage requires a significant life event such as the birth of a child or moving to a new area. Otherwise, you must wait until an open registration time.


Medicare can get complex, and it comes in four different parts. You will not need all four, though. Instead, we can help you make sense of what the US government offers, how to elect coverage, and how to choose and obtain a supplemental plan. While Part A provides a simple sign-up, determining whether you need Part B, C, or D proves the complex part.

Health Insurance

Most medical insurance sounds like alphabet soup. PPO, HMO, Part C, EPO. The rest of it sounds like an Olympic awards ceremony — bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans. But, of course, you might want a catastrophic plan. Sit down with us, and we can take you through it all in an understandable manner. The government’s Health Insurance Marketplace may seem complicated, but we can help you navigate it, so you can get the coverage you need when you need it.

Call or email Church Street Financial Services serving all of Texas. Let us help you obtain the medical insurance you need to protect your health and wellbeing.